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VME - Encrypted Phone Network

Our VME Phone Communication Network™ provides secure encrypted cell & land line communications using US Government Advanced Encryption Standards (AES). Communicate securely with cell phones, land lines & satellite phones. Trust VME encrypted communication from cell phones, to land lines, faxes & conference calls.

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The VME Cell™ allows encrypted communications between cell phones. It includes voice encryption, text encryption, and encrypted conference calls. In addition, it offers a Windows PC version and a Linux PC version for the Office. The calls placed can't be intercepted or listened to. It works over 2G, 3G & 4G connections.
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You might think that built-in GSM security features protect your wireless conversations, but unfortunately this is no longer true. Not only have GSM encryption algorithms already been cracked (see at http://cryptome.org/a51-bsw.htm), but by operating fake base-stations eavesdroppers can cause cell phones to disable encryption functionality. So, in the absence of authentication, eavesdroppers who operate fake base-stations don't even need to crack the encryption, because there isn't any! Interception of GSM calls is illegal in most, if not all nations, but equipment to sniff and decode phone calls is readily available. GSM spy gear claims to "auto detect," decode and record conversations and "target specific numbers or randomly screen GSM mobile communication". Moreover, since the export of encryption products to certain countries, such as targets of United Nations sanctions are prohibited. The GSM default version has no encryption in some of the countries since it saves network resources.

In today's dynamic environment we rely on cellular communication all around the world, 24 hours a day, to keep in contact for business and personal needs. Are you worried it's not secure? Meganet has developed the VME Cell™, a plug-in cellular encryption unit that enable secure point-to-point GSM communications. Use VME Cell™ to regain your peace of mind! Unlike other existing GSM solutions, which require you to purchase a dedicated and expensive cellular handset, VME Cell™ is an accessory to many existing cell phones. Just attach VME Cell™ onto the handset and enjoy military-strength security at EFR voice quality! And the price ... unbeatable!

The VME Radio™ offers encrypted radios for military use that are digitally encrypted and can't be intercepted or decoded.

Pursuant to Federal law at 47 U.S.C. 302a, this product is available only for use by the Government of the United States or any agency thereof. Other interested parties are urged to contact appropriate regulatory oversight entities to determine whether any additional exceptions or arrangements have been authorized and implemented to permit use of this product consistent with controlling law.

Overall Product Benefits:

    • Works on 2G, 3G & 4G
    • Unlimited scalability for multiple phones
    • Encrypted Cell Phones
    • Encrypted Cell Radios
    • Encrypted Land Lines
    • Encrypted Satellite Phones
    • Encrypted Fax
    • Encrypted Text
    • Encrypted Conference Calls

System Requirements for VME Cell:

    • GSM Service
    • Data Service
    • Many phones can be accommodated (dependant on quantity)

Secure land, cell and satellite phone communications all through a dedicated control server.
A simple addon for cell phones or land lines turn an everyday phone into a secure part of the network.
Media Encryption - AES 256 bits
Key Exchange Agreement - Diffie Hellman 1,024 bits
Voice Compression
USB Connectors
Audible and visual secure notification of messages