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VME - Cell Phone Interceptors

A proprietary technology allowing you to intercept, block, follow, track, record and listen to communications using unique triangulation and other advanced technology. GSM A5.1 Real Time Cell Phone Interceptors are undetectable. Up to 4 Base Stations. Up to Quad Band. Up to 20 Phones. Intercept and Modify Voice and/or Text. Has Directional Finder. Random & Target Modes. All in your control.

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The VME Dominator™ is a real time GSM A5.1 cell phone interceptor. It cannot be detected. It allows interception of voice and text. It also allows voice manipulation, up or down channel blocking, text intercept and modification, calling & sending text on behalf of the user, and directional finding of a user during random monitoring of calls. The VME Dominator is far superior to passive systems in being able to intervene and manipulate calls and sms, working with up to 4 base stations concurrently, and up to 20 users in the system at any one time.

The VME TDMA Interceptor™ is part of a comprehensive line of interceptor products. VME TDMA Interceptor is an advanced monitoring system designed to intercept TDMA cellular traffic. Scans control channels to find working Base Stations in a given area. Receivers automatically adjust to the most powerful control channels. Monitor and record activity of the phone numbers from the "List of Interest". Obtain detailed status of all phones from the "List of Interest".

Pursuant to Federal law at 47 U.S.C. 302a, this product is available only for use by the Government of the United States or any agency thereof. Other interested parties are urged to contact appropriate regulatory oversight entities to determine whether any additional exceptions or arrangements have been authorized and implemented to permit use of this product consistent with controlling law.

Overall Product Benefits:

    • Active or Passive search and detection
    • Completely undetectable
    • Follow multiple targets simultaneously
    • Laptop size with extended range

Operational temperature +5oC to +45oC

Weight 8.5 kg (without Notebook PC)

Up to 4 base stations and 20 phones supported.