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Meganet Corporation is a one-of-a-kind global data security company that has acquired several major achievements worldwide.
The company provides a wide range of data security solutions to enterprise, large organizations and corporations around the globe. The company also provides large-scale solutions to the U.S. Department of Defense, Military Intelligence and the Federal Government. The company is holding an extensive portfolio of Intellectual Property with a multi-billion dollar market potential in the areas of:

Encryption - The Company owns multiple patents worldwide for the world's most powerful encryption algorithm and the only unbreakable encryption in existence, therefore holding the promise to change the data security market forever. The company has developed a myriad of products and solutions with this algorithm and has been hugely successful in marketing these products to commercial, government and military users worldwide and has successfully secured major sales in those markets.

Bomb Jamming - The world's most powerful and effective counter-IED products. Products include a vehicle mounted 2,500 watt bomb jammer, dismounted backpack portable jammers, facility jammers and many others used by the USA and NATO forces worldwide.

Communication Interception - Our line of cell phone interceptors includes on-the-fly real-time interception of GSM A5.1, GSM A5.2 & CDMA. Our line of Satellite interceptors includes Iridium, Inmarsat, Thuraya and Global Star. Our Wireless Interceptors includes Wi-Fi (both WEP and WPA), GPRS, UMTS and more. No other company in the world offers real-time GSM A5.1 interceptors; these are undetectable and can fit inside a small suitcase. The existing customer base includes the USA military and other agencies.

Secure Communications - The world's most extensive solutions including encrypted cell phones, encrypted land lines, encrypted fax, encrypted PDA, encrypted radios, encrypted satellite phones and more - unparalleled by any other company. These are sold to and used by the USA military and select federal agencies.

Intelligence / Counter-Intelligence - Providing the intelligence and counter-intelligence agencies with a plethora of tools to be able to perform their duties with complete success over a wide variety of fields. SPY & RAT phones and devices are the most sophisticated devices in existence providing unparalleled intelligence gathering assets to select agencies. In addition, bugs, bug detectors, bomb sniffers, miniature cameras, DVRs and many others tools of the trade are offered by Meganet to effectively fulfill the needs of different agencies.

Meganet Corporation is a client-focused information security company committed to the continual development of technologies and innovative security solutions, protecting data, communications and physical assets. Meganet is also committed to excellence in the development and advancement of significant information technology solutions that will meet or exceed government, private and public sector standards and requirements.

Protecting Data

Meganet's premier VME Office suite offers a comprehensive data security solution. Our integrative approach unifies and simplifies an agency's enterprise architecture and reduces total cost of ownership through one solution that provides encryption at all levels of "data at rest" and "data in transport", including documents, files and folders; Instant Messages; e-mail, and file transfers. The VME Office integrates with PKI and comes complete with an electronic file shredder built to DoD standards. Our VME BioDrives secure portable data stored on USB flash drives in an encrypted format accessible via biometric authentication.

Protecting Communications

Meganet's secure communications, for government use, provides encryption of traditional land lines, and cellular and satellite communications. What improves the return on investment is Meganet's interoperability characteristics where our communications gateway systems provide the ability for encrypted communications to occur between different modalities (land line to cellular, cellular to cellular, and cellular to satellite) reducing the need to integrate multiple vendor solutions to create a secure communications infrastructure.

Protecting Physical Assets

Today's global tensions require federal agencies to effectively manage risks and protect critical assets. Gathering intelligence in a readily usable format to enable dynamic decision making is provided through Meganet's signal interceptor products. Signals (CDMA/TDMA/GSM) are detected, transmissions decrypted in real-time, and conversations recorded for analysis and evidentiary purposes. Our full line of signal jammers provides the ability to block unwanted signals from secure areas - providing protection against radio controlled Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) and assurance against eavesdropping.

U.S. Dept of Defense
U.S. Navy
U.S. Secret Service
U.S. Dept of Energy
U.S. Dept of Transportation
U.S. Dept of Veteran Affairs
U.S. Dept of Labor
Advantage Management Solutions
Amtek Corporation
Barden Solutions
CC Engineering
Concord Police Department
Control Group Limited
CU Processing
Deloitte & Touche IT
Desert Sports
E.M.T. Inc.
Ernst & Young Consulting
Ethridge Consulting
First Capitol Corporation
Games International
Haldor Topsoe Inc.
Hercules Inc.
Impact Imaging
Integration Technologies
Israel Diners' Club , Visa & Mastercard
K & M Enterprises
Ketel Inc.
Logistix Technologies
Media Graphix
Milroy Business Management
Northrup Grumman IT
Oklahoma State University
Orbwide Entertainment
Placer County CA Water District
Primedia Sdn
Pure Resouces Inc.
Rockwell Automation
RTS Associates
SEA Incorporated
Sharp Electronics
Tatsumi & Partners
Tax Save
Transamerica Financial
Universal Studios
University of Boise, Idaho
Verizon Corporation
Vizornet Technologies
Vorsprung Business Systems
Waste Management Systems - TX
World Web Books
Xerox Global
And More...

Meganet's VME SDK (software developer kit) allows programmers to easily integrate VME into new and existing applications and systems. The VME SDK is built on Meganet's trusted, unbreakable Virtual Matrix Encryption algorithm. The SDK provides support for Visual Basic and C/C++ developers with all the tools necessary to easily integrate security by encryption using the VME engine.

  Features:            Available As:

  • • Provides scalable   encryption/decryption
  • • Encrypts/decrypts buffers & streams
  • • Provides feedback in VME dialogues
  • • Provides custom input via VME   interfaces
  • • Determines supported calls
  • • Extensive documentation supplied
  • • Sample source code
  • • Static Link Library 
  • • Object
  • • Dynamic Link Library (DLL)
      Support for Visual Basic ANSI C, C++,   VC++ and Borland C/C++   (Compatible  with all 32bit compilers   in PC environment including: Cobol,   Delphi, FoxPro,  Fortran, Assembler,   Pascal).



If you're a software manufacturer, an integrator or even a corporate programmer - you can integrate the VME engine right into your application.
Please Contact Us directly.

Meganet Corporation partnering opportunities can help enhance your product. Having the worlds strongest encryption system will make the difference for your client. We hold the technology, you may have the expertise to develop and deliver solutions suited to specific information technology (IT) and business needs including providers:

• Software Vendors offering industry-specific applications based on security and   other encryption related applications. Solution Providers of complete and/or   customized applications and services.

• Solution Providers of complete and/or customized applications and services.

• Value-Added Resellers of services supporting data security applications.

• Systems Integrators able to help your current and next IT systems work together.

• Hardware and Services Partners ready to deliver a broad range of solutions.

• Internet Service Providers (ISPs) offering high-performance Web access,   hosting and or backup services.

To get more information on becoming Meganet's partner, please Contact Us.