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November 1998 Challenge Solution

While the first 5 challenges we had were all using only the basic VME98 features and therefore could be decrypted by ANY version of VME98, The following challenges will demonstrate more advanced features of VME98, and might not be decryptable on all versions of VME98, Though they will definitely be able to decrypt on SHIPPING versions of VME98. This is in purpose of demonstrating the more advanced features and versions of VME98. "Hackers" using the Standard Edition should have "no problem" with this - if they can hack the VME system, they can probably overcome this small obstacle as well. As for VME98 Standard Edition users, we urge you to try the solution on your machines and see for yourself the advantages of the more advanced versions of VME98.

This specific challenge used the VME98 Targeted Delivery System. The file was encrypted for a specific user - s/n 1000-0001-3000-0002 (First copy of VME98 purchased over the Internet on April 1st, 1998). The only user of VME98 who can decrypt this file is that specific user. This feature of VME works the same principal as "Public" key concept.

This is another one of the great features of VME98 that allows additional protection. This feature is a standard part of any version of VME98.

  • The Encrypted File was:
  • Please make sure your computer's real time clock shows the right date as the DLA was used.
  • The MBK used was: vmes.GIF
  • The Password was: TDS
  • PLEASE TYPE EXACTLY, Case Sensitive.
  • The Transaction Code was 5508-3706
  • The Authentication Code is: 9942-1580 (if you got a different one, you've misspelled the passwords, retype and try again!)
  • The resulting file will be tds.doc (This is a Microsoft Word 97 Document).
  1. The TDS system gives you extra protection when you need to target only one specific user.
  2. The TDS can be used together with other features of VME such as MBK etc.
  3. VME provides more protection than public key system relaying on a single key.
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