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The challenge is over!

Crack the code and win $1,048,576!

Meganet Corporation offered $1,048,576 to the one who can crack the
code (get the encrypted file here). The challenge was to break into a file encrypted with our proprietary technology, Virtual Matrix Encryption.

Virtual Matrix Encryption, or VME, is the industry's only commercially available, unbreakable encryption engine.  Utilizing a combination of Virtual Matrices and a 1,048,576 bit symmetric key, VME is impervious to brute force attacks.

The term of the challenge started July 18, 2001 and expired 5:00pm December 31, 2001 Standard Pacific Time.  During the term of the challenge, challengers were provided with a VME-encrypted file and were encouraged to attempt to decipher it.  Should a challenger would have been successful in deciphering the VME-encrypted file, that challenger would have been awarded a prize of $1,048,576 USD.

Meganet administered and oversaw the challenge.
Please do not e-mail more on this challenge. 

In the description below we will walk you through the decipherment of the encrypted file with the correct passwords.

The Solution: 
1- Download the encrypted file and save as "vme2001.vme" in a new folder called "Buck Per Bit Challenge" under your "C:\" drive letter.
2-Download the zip file save and extract to the same folder.
3-You will find the configuration file " vme2001.cfg", the secret  file "vme2001.txt" and the shareware application "VME00X32.EXE".
3- Open the VME shareware application (VME00X32.EXE), go to "Advanced" mode, and apply all passwords as per screen shot.
4- Click "Decrypt" and find a new file in your "Buck Per Bit Challenge" folder called: "vme2001.gif" - If all went well, you should receive this screen shot
That is the solution.

Thank you for participating!
If you have a valid interesting offer to challenge Meganet write us! 


Press Room
Meganet's security products available to government agencies via GSA schedule.
NIST certifies Meganet's VME Crypto Engine.
InterCare Enters Into a Product Partnering and Marketing Agreement with Meganet Corporation.
New Data Security Solutions unveiled at 2005 Information Technology Show in Washington DC. Meganet wins "Best in Show".
VISA, Diners Club & MasterCard representative in Israel chooses Meganet to secure it's communications using Meganet's VME for data encryption.
LSI Logic Storage Systems, Musicrypt and Meganet announce secure digital media management solution...
SC Magazine rates VME 5 stars!

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